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Cable Tray

Perforated Cable Tray

Perforated Cable Tray
Perforated Type Cable Tray offer an effective way to 
manage wiring while keeping it easily accessible, 
organized and secure. These systems accommodate large 
number of branch lines and offer high load-bearing 
capacity. Technician can install one or more dividers to 
separate power and data lines and organize cabling. For 
added cabling protection, perforated cable tray can be 
specified with or without covers. Ventilated louvers can also 
be specified to facilitate cooling by natural convection while 
keeping conductors enclosed and protected. Perforated 
cable tray may be hung using either a center rod support. 
C-hanger, or two hanger trapeze configuration and these 
Width available up to 1.2 mtr. Length available from
can also be wall mounted using brackets.
 1.5 mtr. to 3.0 mtr. Thickness available from 
1.6 mm to 3.0 mm
All above available in different sizes and customized 
specifications (Pre Galvanised, Hot Dip Galvanised, 
Powder Coated, Stainless Steel)

Ladder Type Cable Tray

Ladder Type Cable Tray
All available in different sizes and customized specifications 
(Galvanised Sheet, Hot Dip Galvanised & Powder Coated). 
Ÿ Excellent & durable support to large quantity of Electrical 
Ÿ Cut & form smooth curved transitions around obstacles.
Ÿ Install quickly using drop in support. 
Ÿ Attach to floor, ceiling, wall or top of rack and cabinets.
Ÿ Available in several widths, heights and lengths.
Ÿ Saves precious time inlaying, replacement addition or 
Network & Air Conditioning Cables etc. etc.
maintenance of cables or pipes etc. etc.

Ladder Type Cable Tray offer strength and high capacity 
and these are well suited to heavy duty power distribution 
in hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, industrial 
facilities. Ladder, however, do not offer their wire or cable 
management flexibility of perforated type cable tray, since 
cable must be pulled rather than laid in place.
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